Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I love flowers. I love paper. I am fascinated by the richness of leaf fibres, produced from cellulose pulp may have. Surface texture, colour , lightness, brightness, opacity, flow, weight, volume, smoothness, glow, hardness and softness speak for themselves in their own elegancy and simplicity. Paper makes you experience sensations. It says a lot without a word spoken. It tells stories with its appearance, smell, sound and tactile qualities. I choose white coated paper with satin finish and synthetic paper to be main medium in this creative process.

It all starts with inspiration which turns into an idea. Sometimes it’s an attempted mimicry of nature’s own flower shapes, sometimes it’s a simple geometrical shape, sometimes it’s the papers behavior during cutting that defines the direction in which the rest of the process goes, while sometimes it’s studying the golden ratio, math, geometry and sometimes it’s a rough sketch on the iPhone...

Sculpturing white scaled cut out elements and gluing them in repetitions, sequences, filling, overlapping, circular motions make and construct a composition of stylized floral pattern in an exaggerated oversize, a kind of geometric expression of nature’s beauty. Pure composition without the added distraction of color allows the interplay of light and shadow. I see them as energy vortexes. Each of them with its own potential and dynamics.

Personality, emotion and energy injected in the piece, gives it the final touch. These intangible qualities allow any flower to speak for itself but also communicate with other flowers, people and space. This commitment to transform a simple white flat sheet of paper into three dimensional form, this process of deconstructing one form and constructing new one enables me to explore and experiment. It gives me joy and a sense of playfulness. I feel fusion of peace, comfort and drama experiencing a time distortion and some kind of meditative constructive trance. The idea is to transfer those feelings through the resulting forms to the viewer permitting him to find his own reality within that work.

Jasna Šafar